Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Waiting for my legs to come...
Well the table legs to be honest.  I couldn't work out how to fit a decent work table into the bedroom which is to be my work room/spare room.  The problem has been solved by a kind person on our local Freecycle offering an Ikea table top.  It was just the top and there are loads of different types of legs I can get and they are not at all expensive.  The best bit wasn't that it was free - although that's good - but that it solved my problem.  I can now take it down and have the beds out when I need to or put the beds away and use the room as a craft room.  So thank you Freecycle - the solver of problems as well as a good system for stopping things going into landfill. 

We have made great progress with our packaging now I have got the hand of stamping on fabric (not exactly difficult once you have done it once!). 

These are bags with Ewenice Teacosies in ready to be sent out but I thought I would photograph them so you could see how we are progressing.

We were pleased with our tags too and felt they were very Katie Chucklemouse!

Have a good crafty week!