Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weather still bad - too grey for new photos ...

... but that isn't a problem because the Sheep Tea Cosy kits are fininshed and I took the photos inside!  So what does the kit look like?

Da dah

So many patterns are made for very large tea-pots so, after a little market research,  I made this for 2 pint pots which seem to be the popular ones.  The kit will probably go on Etsy but we will certainly take a few if/when we do our first fair.

Having mastered (?) loading a video on here I thought you might like to see the sheep waggling its ears (you have to look very carefully).  OK, so I am easily amused but here it is:

I must thank the members of the Debbie Shore's Shortcuts to Sewing Forum for helping with the names, particularly Bossymama who came up with Ewestace and Ewenice

And a romantic vingnette of Ewestace and Ewenice together.

 Have a good week and see you all next Tuesday.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Loop Stitch

The weather is too bad for me to photograph outside so instead of the mini-pinnies this week I have made a little video for those who have not come across loop stitch before or are struggling with it.

I hope you will all find it useful.  I'm afraid my voice is a bit scratchy as my recent cough has left me with a bit of a sore throat! 

See you all next week.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The things you do to get good light for a photo ...

Just to show you how cold it is taking photos outside today, this is the bird table next to the chair where the photos are taken brrrrrrrr.

Today's bag is a version using two printed fabrics as you can see below:

On this one I went back to putting the material that creates the channel for the tie on the inside again and you may be able to see the Katie Chucklemouse label on the inside too.

I have now managed to make the items on Etsy give the price in £s stirling - it looks so much better than having it under the dollar amount. 

Next week - da da da daaaa - mini pinnies - our pinifores for very little people.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I daren't comment on the weather

other than to say I am enjoying it.  (It might become a proper winter if I say too much!).  Because of the "you could really be working in the garden" weather I am feeling a bit guilty that the only garden chair I have painted is the one I am using for photographs.  You may see blue ones in the back of pictures occasionally.  I really love the colour of the "new" one so, as soon as I have a bit of time, I will be painting the rest and the table.  Meanwhile the chair does seem to be working as a good display for the bags.

This week I am showing you two bags.  The first is my "animal" toy bag.

On this one I kept the coloured strip that makes the channel for the tie on the outside again.  My experiment was with the french seams round the edge.  This time it's on the outside rather than the inside, making a decorative edge. 

The next one is a girly pink one.  I tried a bit of personalising on this one.

It says "THIS BAG BELONGS TO GRACE" along the top and the font is the same as the "TOYS" but on a narrower ribbon. 

I have been busy knitting this week and am halfway through a sheep at the moment!  We are hoping to make up some kits of the bags and the sheep may well have a kit of his own ... more of this later.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year to you all

The Etsy shop is now live and our first item listed at http://www.etsy.com/listing/89579677/laundry-or-toy-bag - all very exciting!

Another bag this week as I have worked my way through to get to our final "standard" design.  This time I used the patterned material on the outside at the top too.

This one has the Katie Chucklemouse label at the top and is in a sage green with a white spot.  I have found it really difficult to track down any woven labels in small quantities but hope to find a reasonable source eventually.  Meanwhile this was a tryout with some printed ones.

I will be continuing to load these on to the Etsy site and it will be interesting to see what response we get.