Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I daren't comment on the weather

other than to say I am enjoying it.  (It might become a proper winter if I say too much!).  Because of the "you could really be working in the garden" weather I am feeling a bit guilty that the only garden chair I have painted is the one I am using for photographs.  You may see blue ones in the back of pictures occasionally.  I really love the colour of the "new" one so, as soon as I have a bit of time, I will be painting the rest and the table.  Meanwhile the chair does seem to be working as a good display for the bags.

This week I am showing you two bags.  The first is my "animal" toy bag.

On this one I kept the coloured strip that makes the channel for the tie on the outside again.  My experiment was with the french seams round the edge.  This time it's on the outside rather than the inside, making a decorative edge. 

The next one is a girly pink one.  I tried a bit of personalising on this one.

It says "THIS BAG BELONGS TO GRACE" along the top and the font is the same as the "TOYS" but on a narrower ribbon. 

I have been busy knitting this week and am halfway through a sheep at the moment!  We are hoping to make up some kits of the bags and the sheep may well have a kit of his own ... more of this later.

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  1. Super bags Penny, loving the idea of personalising them. They are so well made with great attention to detail. XX