Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It's tea cosy time!

I can't believe how long it is since I last blogged.  Recently several people have asked me how I made the tea cosies with the applique on.

Here goes:

2 - 6.5" x 10.5" in the main colour (A)
2 - 10.5" x 10.5" in lining (B)
4 - 2.5" x 10.5" in contrast colour 1 (C) for ruffles
4 - 1.5" x 10.5" in contrast colour 2 (D) for casing
2 - 10.5 x 10.5 in heat resistant wadding (E)
2 yards of   ribbon

1.      One or both of the (A) panels are the ones you will work on and you can apply you applique on to this/these.  If you are going to embroider you will want to do this at this time or you could quilt when you have the "sandwich" put together.

2.      For the front and the back, pin the top and bottom panels (C) to the centre section (MC) and stitch.  Press the seams.

3.      Pin the wadding (E) to wrong side of front and back keeping the edges even, tack.  Stitch along the lower edge for opening.

4.      For the lining, pin one (B) to the front and one (B) to the back with right sides facing. Stitch round the side, top, and side leaving the bottom open.

5.      Turn right sides out, press and hand-stitch the opening.

6.      Take the casings (D) and turn in and press ¼ edge at each end and press. Then turn in and press¼ edge on both sides (like bias binding).  Top stitch or hand stitch along each long edge with (D) centred over the join between (A) and (C).

7.      The instructions I have say thread half the ribbon through the top front and back and half through the bottom front and back and tie one bow at the top and one at the bottom.  I like to cut the ribbon long enough to tie four bows but it would depend on your design and the design of the fabric which looked best. 

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you make.  Happy sewing!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oh Great - They've Changed The Layout

Just as you get used to doing it one way the powers that be "upgrade" and they have done this with blogger so I have just had to search for "create a new page" so I hope this one is worthwhile!

On Saturday I went to a workshop to learn how to make fabric covered baubles.  I have been looking forward to this for some time and it was everything I hoped.  Held by the ineffably energetic Sue from Springwood House Designs the group of lovely ladies gathered there all did the projects they wanted to learn from and several including me made baubles.

This is the first one I attempted and it was the "home spun" look I was aiming for -

The picture is a bit dark but hopefully you can get the idea.  This is the simplest design and works really well with this sore of fabric.  Of course I had to buy more of the fabric before I left and Sue has an Alladin's Cave where you can find all sorts of wonderful items for bauble making and other Christmas decorations.

The second one I tried was of the more traditional glamourous type -

There is something really satisfying about accomplishing these glittery ones.  Sue has many hanging in her shop and they are "wonderous to behold".

On Sunday night I wanted to go on and just sat, without too much thought I finished these.  

I used material I already had and felt they were better just using one design.  I don't know about you but these felt more Victorian than Home Spun but I rather liked that.

Someone at the workshop said they sent one to their grandchild each year so they would have a set to start their own home with later on - what a lovely idea.

Well, that's all my crafting for the moment but I am full of ideas for Christmas and presents.  I hope you are having a fun time too.

Happy Crafting.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A decision had to be made

As long time Granny Crafting followers will know, over the recent year or so I have been looking at how my daughter and I could set up a business using my crafting skills and knowledge.  Out of the original research we decided to set up Katie Chucklemouse and we have had a lot of fun with that.  Unfortunately, as many of my friends and forum friends are aware my mother now needs more of my time.  Add to this the fact that Kate also has some exciting projects which will take up most of her spare time (which with working and a family isn’t much!) I felt it best to end our efforts with Katie Chucklemouse and concentrate in the areas where we are currently needed.
So … we have tucked the little mouse up in a well-padded box and told her it’s time to hibernate.  If Kate finds she has time in the future we will wake her up again and Kate will take over, driving the business forward and I will be readily available to help where I can.
This is not the end of Granny Crafting however.  I will continue to blog my crafting projects, what I learn and whatever I can share with you.
Thank you to all of you who supported us in the enterprise and …
Happy Crafting

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Little Box

I have just added a Personalised Stocking to the shop but at the same time I took photos of a little box I made as a Christmas present for a stitching friend (who doesn't "do" computers, thankfully). 

No stitching for this one just sticking but I did find sticking fabric easier than I have found sticking paper!  It needs filling with scissors and other sewing goodies but I put a thimble in the middle and some needles in just to show how it works.