Thursday, 4 October 2012

A decision had to be made

As long time Granny Crafting followers will know, over the recent year or so I have been looking at how my daughter and I could set up a business using my crafting skills and knowledge.  Out of the original research we decided to set up Katie Chucklemouse and we have had a lot of fun with that.  Unfortunately, as many of my friends and forum friends are aware my mother now needs more of my time.  Add to this the fact that Kate also has some exciting projects which will take up most of her spare time (which with working and a family isn’t much!) I felt it best to end our efforts with Katie Chucklemouse and concentrate in the areas where we are currently needed.
So … we have tucked the little mouse up in a well-padded box and told her it’s time to hibernate.  If Kate finds she has time in the future we will wake her up again and Kate will take over, driving the business forward and I will be readily available to help where I can.
This is not the end of Granny Crafting however.  I will continue to blog my crafting projects, what I learn and whatever I can share with you.
Thank you to all of you who supported us in the enterprise and …
Happy Crafting


  1. On one level, this is sad; on another it is very wise. Knowing when to start and when to stop projects, businesses, relationships, anything in life, is a tricky art requiring wisdom, bravery, fortitude and action. So

    Well Dome!

    You have my email addy if a shoulder to lean on will help.

  2. Sorry to hear that Katie Chucklemouse needs to hibernate. I totally understand - elderly mothers tend to need some attention! Best wishes.