Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weather still bad - too grey for new photos ...

... but that isn't a problem because the Sheep Tea Cosy kits are fininshed and I took the photos inside!  So what does the kit look like?

Da dah

So many patterns are made for very large tea-pots so, after a little market research,  I made this for 2 pint pots which seem to be the popular ones.  The kit will probably go on Etsy but we will certainly take a few if/when we do our first fair.

Having mastered (?) loading a video on here I thought you might like to see the sheep waggling its ears (you have to look very carefully).  OK, so I am easily amused but here it is:

I must thank the members of the Debbie Shore's Shortcuts to Sewing Forum for helping with the names, particularly Bossymama who came up with Ewestace and Ewenice

And a romantic vingnette of Ewestace and Ewenice together.

 Have a good week and see you all next Tuesday.

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