Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Apparently I'm a WEARY!

A Working, Entrepreneurial and Active Retiree appparently.  Nothing for the "Y" although I am sure that you, dear reader, could suggest something.

Such an exciting week last week after my blog with the "sheeps".  Ewestace and Ewenice seem to have struck a cord and the feedback I had was lovely.  The are now staring on Etsy but the originals are both still sitting, looking rather sweet, in my sitting room.  I must return the borrowed teapot to my daughter though!  Although they hadn't been advertised on Etsy at that point, two kits are now on their way to happy knitters and I have been commissioned to make two more up.  This has given me lots of confidence to carry on building Katie Chucklemouse.

On to the object of this week's blog - at last I can show you the mini-pinnies as promised.  This is the little girls version:

And the slightly squarer one for the boys:

They have been designed for little people the squarer on being approximately 18" long (46 cms) and the little girls one approximately 20" long (51 cms).

As you can see I braved the snow to get the photos and it was really lovely to be out in the garden in the sunshine.

Well ... this WEARY person (often in both senses of the word!) is off to make a cup of tea and then get on with more sewing.  See you next Tuesday.


  1. Lovely pinnies GP, they look so fresh and neat x Eyeful

  2. Lovely pinnies GP, they look so fresh and neat x Eyeful

  3. Thanks Eyeful - glad you like them