Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The next stage of Katie Chucklemouse – the Facebook page!

No photos of crafty makes this week as, our steps along the “how to start a crafty business” route have centred round promoting the business.  As it's half-term Kate has been able to set up a Face Book page for Katie Chucklemouse.  I’m sure some of you know all about Face Book but it is a bit of a mystery to me so it’s a good thing one of us knows what we are doing.  I can see that, as a business we will want to communicate with those people “walking” past our shop and looking in to see what we are offering.
First Kate set up the page and then I needed to “like” it so that she could make me an administrator.  She also put in the “info” bit and the first photo’s which I sent over to her.  This may sound simple to many of you but instead of the older generation taking the young by the hand this is definitely the young (forget that big birthday KateJ) leading the older generation. 
This is a really interesting side to internet selling.  I think when businesses first started this form of selling they just put a catalogue on line.  However, you do need (if only for your own sanity when often working alone) a dialogue with your customers and prospective customers.   Do pop over and see what you think – just search for “Katie Chucklemouse” on Facebook.  There are a few things to finish yet – there is no picture of me as I am writing.  They are not quite a rare as hen’s teeth but they are pretty thin on the ground!  We are also setting up an email address so you can email - Katie may be a Chucklemouse but she would love to hear from you.  I would certainly like to hear what kits you would like us to look at putting together. (We will be releasing a new one shortly.)  If you like what you see please click the “like” button.  For those setting up a business and thinking of doing your own Facebook page, 27 “likes” move the page up a level.  I know I will learn more about why that is important over the next few weeks and I will try and share what I can with any of my crafty friends thinking moving into the internet trading scene.
I will keep you up to date with our next steps – although I need to do some sewing and knitting this week too!
Happy crafting to you all and I’ll hope to see you again next Tuesday

Katie Chucklemouse Facebook Page

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