Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Last week I was the Marketing Department

... well the administrator really because Kate is the Marketing and Profiling guru.  I did learn what "bitty-links" are so I am feeling very proud of myself. 

This week I have become "Accounts".  We are rapidly approaching the end of the financial year so I have to get down to this side of setting up a business.  At least with this area, having already run (and continuing in a smaller way) my book selling business I don't feel quite so out of my depth.  Last week I was definitely a granny Face Booker!

As Katie Chucklemouse is about crafting I thought I would show you something I have been learning to use.  I cannot paint for all the tea in China.  This has always been a sadness but the wonderful Sheena Douglas has produced transfers, updating the old ones we tried in the past and kept them in her recently released Paint Fusion range, an updating of the folk art many are familiar with.

My first try left a lot to be desired -

I did not get the adhesion I needed at the edges.  This could be overcome by distressing the edges but I also didn't pay enough attention to the bubbles in the centre so some went missing there too when I rubbed off the backing paper.

My next try was an improvement thankfully!

Again, these are unfinished and the edges could be treated in many different ways but progress was made in making sure the transfer became part of the paint background.  I still need to continue rubbing the backing paper away but I am sure I will be happy with the finished item.  This is definitely something you have to learn but once you have the technique it will be so useful.  I have trays and waste paper bins waiting for the treatment.

Well, off now to fight with the figures but will fit in more crafting during the week.  See you next Tuesday and have a lovely crafty week.