Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Great Northern Quilt Show

I had a lovely day at Great Northern Quilt show yesterday and thought I would let you know how it’s coloured my thinking on sewing.   In the quilt show area there were the most stunning quilts but sadly I could not bring you photos of them as there is an understandable "no photos" rule.  The many stalls contained the tools I am becoming more familiar with and lots and lots of lovely fabric.  I managed to get some plain cottons for which I have been looking for some while.
There were lots of patterns available too and several book stalls.  The one thing I didn’t find was anyone showing the Accuquilt  Fabric cutter and I would have loved to see a demonstration of that.  As die cutting machines go it is expensive and I am still unsure whether to go for that or for the Big Shot or Big Shot Pro.  There are quilting dies made for the Big Shot but obviously it’s not dedicated to quilting so there aren’t as many as for the Accuquilt Go.
I did manage to get one photo – of the famous Jennie Rayment. 

I asked if I might take a photo (and explained that I wasn’t a great photographer) and if she would mind if I put it on my blog.  She was lovely and asked what my interest was and why the blog.  When I explained and mentioned the crafty forums I belong to she updated me with the times, etc., of her next shows on C & C.  She is on at 19th September at 8 a.m.  and 2 p.m.  and she will be showing the 30o and 45o templates (see below) and also something for children.

So, what were my thoughts by the end of the day?  I decided that I still wanted to know more about basic quilting to add to my general sewing but that I was stunned by the dedication of the expert quilters.

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  1. Looks like a great day out. I did some quilting years ago and I've been tempted to take it up again lately. So much fun stuff to do - so little time! :)