Monday, 3 September 2012

Great Northern Quilt Show

What a wonderful time I had at the Great Northern Quilt Show and the Great Northern Needlecraft Show at the weekend.  Last year I felt very overwhelmed by the wonderful quilts.  This year I felt I knew a bit more about the whole subject and it helped me to see what and how people where trying to do to achieve their inspired designs.  Although there was a great variety of styles and quilts on show one theme that I picked up on were jewel colours.  One was designed from scratch in a Jacobean style; that idea may help you conjure up the colours used.  However, these colours and even some very Jacobean shapes were used elsewhere.
In total contrast to these I came across one amazing self-coloured quilt (calico coloured) and read the attached label.  The maker said that they were inspired to make this quilt after attending a workshop with Jenny Rayment – oh that workshops with anyone could raise my game to those levels.  Finally, in this section, the other ones that stood out for me where the ones using Suffolk Puffs.  Now these little circles with their gathered edge have left me rather cold up until now but the pictures made with them, mainly of cottage garden flowers put them into the “of course that’s the way to do it” category for me!  Sadly, no photography is allowed but I can assure you these quilts were a real inspiration. 
My forum friend Dina has also reported on her view of the show on her blog  which you may like to read too.  Tomorrow – the other half of the show - the Great Northern Needlecraft Show.

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog.

    It's really interesting to read someone else's views about the shows and the quilts.