Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas over, prepare to greet 2012

I do hope you all had a very happy holiday.  Ours went very well with a lovely Christmas Eve with my daughter, her partner and his teenage children.  During the evening we Skyped my family in Australia for whom it was already Christmas morning and watched the grandchildren busy with their presents.  They were getting ready to go off to the beach for Christmas lunch!  A quiet morning and a late afternoon (very grown-up) Christmas lunch at a local hotel followed.  My 91 year old mother who, as many of you will know had a fall and fractured her pelvis managed, with the help of a wheechair and helpful family members, to join us and have a lovely time.  Before I set off with her we spoke to my brother who lives in America and was only just starting his day.  What an around the world Christmas!

Back to what we are doing with Katie Chucklemouse.  This week I want to show you the first piece we are putting on Etsy.  It's one of the first pieces I made in order to decide on a design for our Toy/Laundry Bag.  You will see changes to the design with the piece I am going to show you over the next few weeks until we decided on the final one.

I hope the help I have been given on my favorite forums when it comes to taking better photos is beginning to show and that you are getting a good view!  Don't forget you can click on the photos to get a better view.

One of this weeks jobs is to set up the Etsy shop and then this will appear so keep you fingers crossed that I can work out what to do!


  1. How lovely is your fabulous toy bag, looking forward to seeing all your crafting goodies on your etsy shop. Good luck with you and your daughters new exciting venture. XX

  2. Great photos and great bag I think you will be a great success x