Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Difficulty with Blog Spot

Hi all, I am really sorry I haven't blogged for such a long time but I have had difficulty getting onto the site since I changed the look!  I have now changed it again and I have the driver's buttons back that I need to update things ... is it technology or is it me ... answers on a postcard please, etc.

I have got some new crafted goodies to show you but at the moment my main theme is de-cluttering.  I have had a clearout and this

was the result!  Currently an auction on Ebay.  I am sad to part with many of the stamps but you will see how many say new and unused (tut tut) and I really don't have the time now I am doing more sewing (and knitting, etc., etc.,)

I will be back soon with Katie Chucklemouse items to show you.

Happy Crafting

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