Monday, 25 June 2012

Good people can win!

Today was the day the scammer was due to call on my Mum.  Yesterday  there was a knock on the door and it was our local police checking that I was OK with the whole thing, making sure I had the numbers for Trading Standards and to offer me advice on Mum staying safe.  No sooner had he left than the phone rang and it was the police woman who covers Mum’s area again offering help and reassurance.  This morning came and I got over to Mum’s for 9.00 a.m., ready to send the chap on his way when he arrived between 10.00 a.m.  and 11.00 a.m.   Time passed and several cups of tea later the engineer still hadn’t arrived.  I decided he wasn’t coming and I would go home.  Before I did I explained to Mum’s neighbour what was going on.   She was horrified and said they would keep a look out.  I said I had hoped to find out which company he worked for and the police had asked for the vehicle licence number if I could get it.  Off I went and, as I arrived back home and was walking through the door the phone was ringing; it was the next door neighbour.  The man had arrived about 15 minutes after I had gone – about an hour late for the appointment – and she had dashed out.  She got his name and the company details and said we were very concerned about the appointment.  He said he knew nothing about this and only went where he was told to go.  The lovely neighbour then followed him down to his van and took the number.  She was very kind – Mum didn’t even have to come to the door – and very brave.
I rang the police to update them and then the Trading Standards people.  I couldn’t talk to the person “dealing” with this as he was tied up but I noticed how excited the two people I did talk to sounded.  Within five minutes the right chap called back.  I started to give him the information and could hear his excitement too.  He thanked me and said they had been having complaints about these people for some time but because of the type of people they scammed and the way they did it they had no details of the company.  They would now be contacting them to deal with it and, if they didn’t stop, they would be prosecuted.   
So hopefully, thanks to the help of a lovely neighbour, we may have achieved something good today!


  1. Lots of initiative, worry, stress, planning, prompt action, kindness etc went into this Operation (that's what it was!) and now you have peace of mind. I am so glad! Well done all. Bunch of flowers for nice neighbour? And some kind of treat for you & Mum.

  2. This is such a great outcome from what has been such a stressful time for you!! What a lovely neighbour your Mum has!! Cxxx