Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A graduation, teddy bears and a new tea cosy.

Well, we have had an exciting couple of weeks.  My darling daughter's graduation took place in the wonderful setting of York Minster.  Even though the weather was of almost biblical proportions we actually managed very well and only got really wet as we left.

We were in a lovely position to see the whole ceremony and admire the stunning cathedral thanks mainly to mum's wheelchair.

Since I last blogged I have been making progress on the craft front too.  First in line were more bears!  There are now three and more in the making.

As you can see Gregory, the prototype bear is on the left.  I have not named the other two as I will be selling them so feel they need to tell their owners what their names are.  I am also making another one in the same material as Gregory.  I have learned so much making these and am looking seriously at trying jointed bears.  These are not suitable for small children as their joints are attached by buttons to their bodies but I think they are very decorative and full of personality.

I am also having great fun with my Slice Fabrique.  You do need to do what they tell you, ensuring it is stuck evenly to the mat and that you have ironed on you backing but this helps you place all the pieces.  My sewing machine has a lot of embroidery stitches but I need to learn how to use them for applique.  I did very much enjoy doing the blanket stitching by hand however.  My first project has been a cottage style tea cosy.

This cosy fits my 2 pint pot but would easily fit a 3 pint one.  I like the style so I think I will try something similar but with different applique.  One thing I have realised is that although I didn't think I wanted to do "quilting" I love the techniques involved.  This is made up in much the same way as a panel for quilting would be and most of the information I have found about applique comes from the quilting world.  Do remember, if I can help in any way I will try to so questions are always welcome.

Till next time - Happy crafting.

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  1. Love the colours of the tea cosy. I have ordered some Heat N Bond Lite which says it won't gum up your needle, so will be having a go when that and the Dresden plate die arrive. Will let you know how I get on. Cxxx