Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Work on the blog

This time there are no pictures as I have been updating and, hopefully, upgrading the blog. 

So, what have I been up to?  Firstly, I have upgraded the "pages" on the right hand side.  You can still see old projects by going down to the "labels" area and we still have the Video area (more to be added over the next year).  There are also two new pages – one suggested by a forum friend shows Highlights from the Katie Chucklemouse Etsy Shop.  This will just have links of recent items but if you click through on any one of them you will be able to see any items we have for sale online.  We still intend to go to local fairs too.   

One additional page I have added it “Craft dates of interest in and around Harrogate”.  We are so lucky to be close to many shows that I am going to try (notice the try) and share these with you in real time via Twitter.  The first one is the Great Northern Needlecraft Show and the Great Northern Quilt Show on the last weekend in August so I need to learn fast!

Finally I have added our Facebook address to the profile on the right hand side.  Do visit and we love to be "liked" and you can also "share" any "posts" your crafty friends may enjoy.  I hope you are suitably impressed with my new knowledge of social media - I have a good teacher in my daughter!  I know I may eventually become blasé about this in the future but, at the moment, I'm quite pleased with myself.

I'm off to do more crafting now and wish you a happy crafting week too.

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